Billy Bob Thornton behind the Separation of Leoni and Duchovny

As the reports claimed that Billy Bob Thornton was involved behind Tea Leoni and David Duchovny’s separation, after it figured out that there is a relationship between them.

Leoni and Duchovny originally ended their relationship back in 2008, and David who starred in X-Files checked himself into a rehabilitation for sex addiction in August of the same year, to reveal on the following October that they had spilt several months earlier.
Then the couple after recovering David decided to give another chance to their relationship. But they didn’t last enough to split in June 2011, and the divorce was completely several weeks ago.
Speculation between Anderson and Duchovny still hasn’t ceased, and now it has appeared that there is an affair between Teal Leoni and Thornton, who contributed largely in ending the marriage between the couple.
Tea Leoni dispensed with her children and her ex-husband Duchovny to tour around the country with Thornton.
Their children who ages are 15 and 12 years old , she left them to follow her relationship with Thornton.
And rumors also claimed that Duchovny found racy and provocative message from Thornton on Tea mobile phone.
Although sex addiction of David Duchovny but he considered his various affairs were purely just sex , while Tea Leoni and Thornton relationship was much more intense and built on a solid foundation.
But all of this still rumors and it is still not yet known if they are still currently dating or they ended their relationship after Duchovny acknowledge of.


  1. I want to know who she really is.... I kind of feel sorry for her..... She really must have had a hard time coping with all the rumors surrounding her relationship with David Duchovny. Although she looks bright on the outside, she might have a lot of scars inside

  2. I recently saw a clip related to 'Madam Secretary' and one of the producers said that the reason why they chose Tea for the part was because she is very family-oriented.... It's a real surprise for me how Tea left her children because of Billy Bob Thornton. How should I explain this?