David and Tea Leoni Real Divorce Reason

Is her relationship with Bob Thornton behind her divorce from Duchovny ?

We all know the story between Tea and David and they first separated in 2008 after the declaration of Duchovny sex addiction. The reason of David’s serial-cheating- sex-addiction was clear for their separation.
David in his movie Californication takes some of his character in the show in his real life, Hank who was alluring lifestyle which was based on doing drugs , drinking, and having a lot of casual sex with beautiful young women.
By the way, Tea wasn’t that innocent either David wasn’t the only one cheating.
Tea Leoni started to follow Billy’s band on their tour across the country, leaving her family and her kids.
Some rumors talk about the reason of the separation between Tea and David is her relation with Billy Bob. So I want to ask David just one question …. What about all times you cheated on her ?
May he found some suspicious messages from Billy Bob on his wife’s cell phone, and the time of breaking has come and the result was the separation of the couple.
May her relation with Thornton was much more serious and they have deeper bond , this led David Duchovny to take his decision.
Furthermore,  I think as fan for the couple they were not happy together and their relationship or their marriage was not honest , she cheating him and he doing the same for her , and this is a big problem for any couple.
They did things that would ultimately lead their divorce.  


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