Tea Leoni workout

Tea Leoni always follows system that makes her looks great and fitness. But now she follows new program for her new role in “Spanglish”. Tea makes diet which she always eats healthy food and she is vegetarian, and beside the diet and the system which tea follows, she also plays sport regularly, she runs 3 miles a day. Her favorite sports are hiking, walks, running and playing golf. Tea said that playing golf is help to stay in shape, she adds that she likes hiking and she can run for 3 miles she does not like doing sports on machines.

Tea said about herself that she is very lucky because she does not look like someone who does not work out, she likes to be always fitness. Tea said that she makes her workout and she likes doing sports but she goes to gym just nine days in her life. Tea declared that she got the best shape in her life for the movie, she does her best to reach this shape she tries and makes sports and diet and reach to the best shape in her life. In her sports she also makes muscles which are very important part in a movie about an Olympic athlete.
Tea talks about yoga and how she likes it , it plays a great role in making the person more balance and thought in perfect way. Tea was making yoga 2 or 3 days in a week and when she does it she always feels comfortable and happy. Tea Leoni in general likes playing sports especially running and golf and of course yoga. All that she does in her normal life but she increases the sports which she plays and she stressed on her program to reach the style that she wants for her movie.  


  1. Tea Leoni are way too thin these days. It looks like she's gonna break into little pieces any time. *shudder*