Facts about Tea Leoni

Her full name is Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni, she starred in Hollywood world and has a lot of famous roles in her movies where she starred in, and now let’s talks little about some facts
which a lot of her fans do not know and they will be very happy to know about her star the belle Tea Leoni.
The first fact about Tea Leoni is that she is vegetarian and she always tries to maintain on her health and her tiny body through controlling her diet to look very beautiful and sexy.
The second fact is that her father was suffering from skin cancer whose name is Anthony Pantaleoni.
The third fact is that she headed for Oahu to help looking for her cousin in 1995, whose name is Tim Pantaleoni, and he had had disappeared while hiking.
The fourth fact about her that she was chosen for a role in Charlie’s Angels 1981, but the series had not finished due to a write’s strike in Hollywood.
The fifth fact about her that she was the ambassador for the Goodwill of the United States for UNICEF in 2001, and her grandmother was one of the founders of UNICEF.
The sixth fact is her name used as the name of an 8299 Tealeoni which is asteroid.
The seventh fact is that she had enhanced surgically her breast and dyed her hair from red to blonde.
The eighth fact is that her family name means in Italian trousers.
The ninth fact is that her first name means goddess in Italian while Leoni means Lion.
The tenth fact is that she married to David Duchovny, but the she divorced from him because he was sex addicting.
Our appointment with new article for our star the actress Tea Leoni.


  1. she's lovely, I'm your fan and would love to meet her.