Tea Leoni with her Ex-husband David Duchovny and Their Son Kyd Spend Family Time

Although tea was split from David Duchovny in 2008 after confessions of his addiction to sex with other women and for that she got angry and asked the divorce from him.

They still friends and make everything is good for the fans and for their child Kyd , and in one time they were seen out in Malibu with their son Kyd who becomes 10 years old, and a lot of rumors are speaking about their relationship and if they will again work on their relationship.

It is equally for the couple to go out with their son on good terms simply to spend good time together with their son Kyd, and compensate him like taking him in a picnic or going to play baseball, which Kyd loves it so much.

David Duchovny and his ex-wife Tea Leoni were seen out with their son in Baseball practice earlier, and their 10 years old son white baseball pant was full of grass-stained.
David Duchovny graduated from Princeton, and he was having played for one year of junior varsity basketball as a guard for the varsity baseball team so he was no slouch in the athletics department as he was a young man.

But the 51 years old star looked very handsome and sexy with his jeans pant, plaid shirt and white trainers.
As we see him, he was carrying a brown bag and walking in front of the Malibu Country Mart, which is a collection of restaurants and upscale shops in the exclusive beach community.
While the belle Tea Leoni style looked beautiful with blue and white patterned top, beige Capri pants and with a navy jacket.

Duchovny will meanwhile star his hit in the production of the sixth season of Californication.


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