Tea Leoni’s husband and his sex addiction

It is so hard to recover from addiction and for David Duchovyny, Tea Leoni’s husband it is not hard but impossible to recover from sex addiction. Tea and David are married for
14 years they separated each other in the past and this week they separated again. David is 50 years old and tea is 45 years old. In 2008 he declared that he is a sex addiction, and they separated for many months. Then he went to a treatment center. David said about that he goes to the treatment center and he wants from other people to respect his privacy and stay away from his wife and children to solve this family problem.
In the beginning the couples did not talk about the reason that made them separated and Tea did not talk about their problem. The director of Los Angeles, Rob Weiss, said that he knows they will leave each other and that always happens after treatment from sex addiction, because the person who goes to treatment may still addicted or fells embraced about that.
Tea and David appeared last October in a good way and they were putting their hands together, but there was something wrong with David as Weiss said. From five years David had to find new job after six months from treatment, he needs new job because he cannot continue in the series which will not help him to recover.

David and Tea have two children girl, Madeleine, she is 12 years old and boy, Kyd, who is 9 years old what will happen to them if the marriage between their parents ends. Weiss think that if David recovers from his addiction tea will stay and go with him but they had to forget their history and start new life. 


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