For the first time Tea Leoni opens up about her ex-husband since divorce

Tea Leoni for the first time opening up about her relationship with her ex-husband David Duchovny, so you will be surprised when you know what she has to say in the best way possible.
So people guess that she definitely will talk about Duchovny’s highly publicized sex addiction or play the blame game, but Tea Leoni had this to say about her ex-husband:

During her interview with Parade magazine on Sept. 19, she referred to her two children ages 15 and 12 saying that: her ex-husband gave her greatest gifts on the planet , she don’t know how she could ever hate him, adding also that they ( Tea and David) always love each other , and they adore these kids.
She justified her speech in that way about her ex-husband saying that she isn’t playing stupid, and understands well feelings can hurt and things can get icky but in the end they have kids who are very important for them and David feels the same, he is a good guy as she described him.
She said that they can get behind some co-parenting now.
It is noteworthy that the couple tied the knot in 1997. Tea and David spilt twice over course of their marriage which lasted 17 years and filed to divorce in June.
But these statements by the star Tea Leoni refer to the big understanding between the couple and their relationship even in their divorce, people like them should forget their problems and think in the future in order to help their kids and support them.
What do you think did Tea behave in good way towards her ex-husband


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