Tea Leoni and David Duchovy separated divorced after three year of separation

The Hollywood couple have filed for divorce , as most news say. Tea Leoni and her husband David Duchovy announced previously their separation back in June 2011.

The 54 years old actor filed papers in June , citing an irretrievable breakdown of his relationship with Tea Leoni 48 years old. They have two children and they will have joint legal custody of their daughter Madeleine 15 years old and their son Kyd 12 years old , but Leoni will have primary physical custody.

And after the divorce Duchovy have to pay $40.000 a month in spousal support and $8.333 a month in child support .

Their marriage had lasted for 14 years where the X-Files star and Tea Leoni married in 1997 to announce their separation in 2011, note that they separated briefly in 2007. David Duchovy suffered from sex addiction and he forced to enter rehabilitation center for sex addition for two months in 2008. 

Duchovy sex addiction in addition to cheating on her are the main difference between them , where he has made a lot of relationships with many women which was unacceptable by Tea leading her to ask separation .

Tea is playing the leading role in the US Secretary in the upcoming CBS series Madam Secretary , and she has been keeping busy since her ex-husband ‘ s filing .

Recent news speaks about dating between Gillian Anderson and David Duchovy and this what accelerate the divorce procedures between Tea Leoni and Duchovy.

Gillian and Duchovy names have been linked since meeting on a little show called The X-Files .


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