Tea Leoni Filmography Part1

In this article I will give you a summary about the movies in which Tea Leoni Had been appeared through her acting career, it is known that the Family Man star had a lot of big and amazing movies so we will review her movies and their date and some information about her filmography.
1991 she had a role in the movie switch as Connie the Dream Girl, it is a comedy movie, and Blake Edwards wrote and directed it. The story of this movie speaks about a promiscuous man and was killed by his trio ex-lovers.
1992 Tea Leoni had the role as Racing 1st base in the movie A League of Their Own, it is American and comedy-drama movie speaks about all-American girls professional Baseball League through interviewing their real life and their fictionalized account.
1994 She had the role as Sally in the Wyatt Earp movie, this movie talks about a Teenage Wyatt Earp and his life, the movie is an American semi-biographical Western.
Dan Gordon and Lawrence Kasdan wrote it, and it is directed by the later.
1995 Tea Leoni took the role as Julie Mott of the movie Bad Boys, it is American action movie, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer produced it. And the story speaks about two best friend detectives in the narcotics division in Miami Police Department, who are Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowery (Will Smith).
1996 Tea Leoni appeared in the movie flirting with Disaster where she took the role as Tina Kalb, it amazing movie.
1998 Tea Leoni had the role as Jenny Lerner through the movie Deep Impact.
1998 also in the same year she had another movie which entitled There’s No Fish Food in Heaven, where Tea Leoni took the role as Landeene.

This is the first part of Tea Leoni Filmography and I will give you in the coming article to continue what we are speaking about her filmography.


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