Bad Boys and Tea Leoni

In this article we will talk about the most amazing movie in the 1995s, and it which was our big star Tea Leoni in addition to a lot of actors,
so let’s start to know some information about this film and the success which has achieved and still to this time a lot of us re-watch it again because as I tell you before it is wonderful to the extent that we can re-watch it again and again without boring sense.
Bad Boys is an American comedy and there are in a lot of actions scenes, the greats of Beverly Hills and Top Gun Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer produced it, Michael Bay directed it.
The movie has a lot of stars like Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Tea Leoni, and Tcheky Karyo. Bad Boys was followed in 2003 by Bad Boys II according to the successes which it has achieved.
The plot of Bad Boys:
The story of Bad Boys speaks about two detective close friends in the Narcotics division of the Miami Police Department Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Mike Lowery (Will Smith).
In one night it was stolen from a secure police vault $100 million of seized heroine and it was a major blow to Lowery and Burnett, and this operation was the biggest bust of their careers.
The internal affairs warned them and give them five days to restore the stolen heroine or it will close the narcotics division.
Lowery asked his ex-girlfriend Maxine” Max” to give him information about the newly rich because they are suspects.
Max and her friend Julie Mott (Tea Leoni) were hired as escorts by a former cop and part of the coup Eddie Dominquez. The boss of this coup is a French drug kingpin whose name is Fouchet (Techky Karyo), he shoots Max and Dominquez because he does not want to be endangered by outsiders but Julie could to run away over the roof.
Julie will trust only with Lowery because of Max’s relationship with Mike. She tried to speak to him but he was away and she tried to threaten the police that she will run if she does not speak to him.
Captain Conrad Howard (Joe Pantoliano) forces Burnett to get Julie to cooperate by impersonating Lowrey to her.so the couple managed to continue the deception and they have to switch their lives. Burnett tells his family that he will ravels and his friend Mike will live with them , then he moves to Lowery apartment with Julie and her dogs.  And thus Burnett poses as Lowery and Mike poses as Burnett in the presence of Julie.
Mike and Burnett investigation proceeds calling some of their old informants including Jojo (Michael Imperioli) who was a drug convict and former chemist. And later Julie identifies one of Max’s killers.

The couple head off to Club Hell, one of the famous hangouts to the killer but they do not know that. Though the criminals saw them first and then the three escaped after a brief fight and cars chase. But the incident was seen by Burnett family through subsequent report by the helicopter which was caught the incident by its camera.
Burnett and Mike discovered in At Club Hell barrels of Ether, and they visited Jojo again to tell them the location of the chemist who is cutting the stolen drugs.
Fouchet and his gang go to Mike’s apartment and they kidnap Julie. Captain Howard delays the order of the Internal Affairs to resign all the members of the narcotics division, giving a Burnett and mike a chance to restore Julie and drugs back.
So Burnett and Mike managed a plan with other two detectives to stop Fouchet from killing Julie and selling the drugs.
After a shoot –out operation between the criminals and group of police, Burnett was injured by a shoot in his leg saving Julie from Fouchet, and the later also shot Lawery while escaping from the building but Burnett and Julie rescued Lawery.
Fouchet run away and sole Mike ‘s Porsche 911 Turbo , so the police chased him but Lawery catch him  and in order to goad Lawery to kill him to revenge for Max’ murder , Burnett prevents him and he was driven to jail  .
Casts of Bad Boys:
Actor/ Actress
Martin Lawrence
Det. Marcus Burnett
Will Smith
Det. Mike Lowrey
Téa Leoni
Julie Mott
Tchéky Karyo
Joe Pantoliano
Captain Conrad Howard
Nestor Serrano
Detective Sanchez
Julio Oscar Mechoso
Detective Ruiz
Theresa Randle
Theresa Burnett
John Salley
Marg Helgenberger
Capt. Alison Sinclair
Michael Imperioli
Karen Alexander
Max Logan
Saverio Guerra


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