People I Know

People I Know is a 2002 American crime movie; Daniel Algrant directed it, its stars Al Pacino, Tea Leoni, and Kim Basinger.
Plot of People I Know:
The story of the film tells about a Jewish publicist on the out, his name is Eli Wurman (Al Pacino), Wurman through his hard life knows well how to hustle, threaten, cajole, and persuade. A steady stream of prescription drugs and alcohol fuelled the hazy mania of Wurman everyday life.
One night Eli saw big client Cary Launer (Ryan O’Neal), who entreats him to take care of a dangerous liaison with Jilli Hopper (Tea Leoni), who is a quick-tongued, hard-shelled actress with taste for illegal drugs. Jilli takes Eli to a sex and drug den, Jilli claims to be looking for a toy, a playground for the famous and rich.
When Eli takes her to the hotel he takes a lot of pills and witnesses what appears to be the murder of the actress. But he can’t be sure because of his opiate daze. So in the next morning he can’t remember what happened because his memory is buried , and he tempted to leave New York with company of his sister-in- low , but the police interrupted his work to ask him how much Eli has seen and recalled Jilli.
Finally Eli realizes that he involved in politically dangerous thing, to keep his mouth shut.
Eli strives to gather the people he knows of the blacks and Jewish communities, film celebrities and media stars, and it is clear that there are dangerous forces in play, so will Eli be able to stay a head of the game, or he will exploit the secret continuing his downward spiral into decadence, or he will change by using the opportunity?
People I Know casts:
Al Pacino
Eli Wurman
Kim Basinger
Victoria Gray
Ryan O’Neal
Cary Launer
Tea Leoni
Jilli Hopper
Richard Schiff
Elliot Sharansky
Bill Nunn
The Reverend Lyle Brunt
Robert Klein
Dr. Sandy Napier
Mark Webber

People I know reception:
People I Know rated %43 making it rotten, and it received mixed reviews.  And the plot is incoherent and derivative and does not engage the viewer.


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